Englewood Pilates Center is a private boutique style studio located in Englewood, Florida devoted to helping you achieve and maintain optimal wellness.  Englewood Pilates Center offers personalized programs including Pilates and Fascia Stretch Therapy®  from an experienced, knowledgeable instructor who has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

“Susan was my Pilates instructor and coach for several years. She’s very knowledgeable and experienced and was able to design a workout program that focused on my specific health issues and fitness needs. She’s also very proficient and skilled in using the Pilates fitness equipment and does a great job of training you to use it correctly as well. I would definitely recommend her for all of your fitness needs.”

Bill M.

“Working with Susan on the CoreAlign® apparatus, I soon found many imbalances which had caused numbness from a nerve down my right thigh. Susan helped me, through the different exercises,to find and feel the alignment of my torso, work my muscles and lessen the numbness in the thigh. Thanks for helping me correct negative movement patterns!”

Marsha B.

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