Englewood Pilates Center is a private studio located in Englewood, Florida devoted to helping you achieve and maintain your optimal wellness so that you can lead a life free of pain, full of strength and vitality, enjoying the activities you love. Englewood Pilates Center offers personalized programs that include Pilates, CoreAlign® and Fascial Stretch Therapy®  from an experienced, knowledgable and dynamic instructor who has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

“I met Susan at Pilates Tempe in Tempe, AZ a few years ago. I had been working out there for several years before Susan joined as an instructor. Rumors started circulating quickly about the new teacher. “Tough Class”, “Great Workout”, “Excellent Instructor” and “You have to try one of Susan’s classes” were some of the words being used to describe Susan and her classes. I was always up for a challenge so I signed up for her Reformer, Tower and Barre classes. The rumors were true; the classes were tough but awesome. Susan sets the bar high and pushes her students to excel while focusing on form to avoid injuries. She always encouraged everyone to listen to their bodies, respecting the fact that we all have some days where our bodies are just tired or injured. She would make adjustments as needed to ensure a good but safe workout. In additional to being a great instructor, she is also a great person and good friend. I miss classes with Susan and look forward to visiting her in Florida for some Pilates and Barre classes in 2017. 5 out of 5 Stars!”

MichaelAnn W.

“I had Pilates training with Susan for three years and my core was the strongest it had ever been. I have done some kind of physical training most of my adult life however, Pilates with Susan was what gave me my core strength today. Susan pays attention and makes sure that I would be in proper form and doing a particular exercise properly. This helps in preventing injuries which is very important. Another thing that I loved about Susan was that she is able to articulate how to do the exercises so that I was able to understand well how to execute.
When I trained with the CoreAlign that took my workout sessions to a new level! What a new challenge!
Thanks to Susan I feel strong and confident in my health and level of fitness.”

Lisa A.

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