Englewood Pilates Center is a private studio located in Englewood, Florida devoted to helping you achieve and maintain optimal wellness so that you may lead a life free of pain, full of strength and vitality, enjoying the activities you love. Englewood Pilates Center offers personalized programs including Pilates and Fascial Stretch Therapy®  from an experienced, knowledgable and dynamic instructor who has helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

“Working with Susan on the CoreAlign® apparatus, I soon found many imbalances which had caused numbness from a nerve down my right thigh. Susan helped me, through the different exercises,to find and feel the alignment of my torso, work my muscles and lessen the numbness in the thigh. Thanks for helping me correct negative movement patterns!”

Marsha B.

“Susan was my private Pilates instructor for 3 years. She has extensive knowledge of Pilates and mind body awareness. She continually keeps herself up to date with the latest in Pilates techniques and teachings. While working with Susan I not only gained a heck of a lot of strength, but developed a better mind body connection that carries over into my everyday life. I have improved posture, and balance. Susan is very conscientious of safety and developing Pilates sessions to fit individual needs. Sessions with her were never boring or routine.”

Pat L.

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