Summer in SW Florida

Well, it’s full on heat and humidity now in SouthWest Florida.  We adjust.  We still try to be outside, we hydrate a little more – that’s water people! – and we spend maybe a little too much time in air conditioning.  Who could blame us?

“Motion is lotion” as it is said and we need to continue to move and our bodies even when we’d rather be a “couch potato”.  The reverse of sitting inside with a fireplace and a movie while under a cozy blanket in the winter, it is no less problematic for our bodies.

If it is too hot to run or bike, find a studio or a gym and get a class.  Get to the water and kayak, canoe or paddle board.  Use a pool and add some movement to complement the floating around:)

Remember you can always contact me to assist you with a Fascial Stretch Therapy session FST®.  If it is not convenient to travel to Englewood Pilates Center, FST can come to you.  Contact me today for more information.



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