This past year brought a total hip replacement surgery and a huge hurricane. Pilates has moved the rehabilitation forward and there is nothing like moving your body with intention to re-focus on that which you may have some control over.

Following the holidays, too much sitting to visit and too many treats once again remind me to keep on moving and keep on eating what is healthy for me.

How do you get through the holidays? My advice, don’t beat yourself up – simply get back to what you know you feel better doing.

On to 2023!

Summer in SW Florida

Well, it’s full on heat and humidity now in SouthWest Florida.  We adjust.  We still try to be outside, we hydrate a little more – that’s water people! – and we spend maybe a little too much time in air conditioning.  Who could blame us?

“Motion is lotion” as it is said and we need to continue to move and our bodies even when we’d rather be a “couch potato”.  The reverse of sitting inside with a fireplace and a movie while under a cozy blanket in the winter, it is no less problematic for our bodies.

If it is too hot to run or bike, find a studio or a gym and get a class.  Get to the water and kayak, canoe or paddle board.  Use a pool and add some movement to complement the floating around:)

Remember you can always contact me to assist you with a Fascial Stretch Therapy session FST®.  If it is not convenient to travel to Englewood Pilates Center, FST can come to you.  Contact me today for more information.



Set it Free with FST®

“I recently experienced Fascial Stretch with Susan of Englewood Pilates Center. What a positive difference it made! I am “of a certain age” where everything hurts and I find myself limping. No major problems or complaints, just not right. Susan worked magic! I felt so good after being stretched and I stood straighter and moved so much more easily!”
I love happy students!  Fascial Stretch Therapy® is simply amazing. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend wild child or someone who prefers the couch and remote, FST improves how you feel.   The pain-free method, works with the connective tissue of the body. “FST improves mobility of your nerves and flexibility of your muscles and fascia.”  Methods you may be more familiar with focus on isolated stretching of muscles that may be uncomfortable or even painful; the results often don’t last.   Benefits of FST include:
Decreased pain caused by tension and stress
Increased flexibility, mobility and range of motion
Increased strength and power
Improved balance and coordination and posture
Call Englewood Pilates Center for a trial session today.

Stretch: Do you or Don’t you?

Is stretching part of your normal routine?  Is it aches and pains that prompt you or more a lack of flexibility?

Stretching is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, flexible spine,  joints, muscles,  and your entire fascial network.

When you wake after 4, 6 or (hopefully) 8 hours of shut eye, you may feel tight and achy. This is due to lack of movement.  Consider waking that body by sitting on the edge of your bed and circling ankles first in one direction, followed by the other.  Roll through your foot, heel, ball, toe and reverse.  Sit tall and inhale deeply, as you exhale, rotate your torso first in one direction, then through center to the other.  Arch your spine bringing your heart to the sky, follow with deeply flexing the front of your body.  Continuing to sync your breath and movement; circle shoulders forward and back, (don’t forget the wrists and fingers!)  Circle shoulders forward and back, repeat the same motions with your arm extended.  Turn your head following your nose to one side then the other, repeat the motions with chin tilted up and down.  Finally, standing circle your hips to one side and the other.   Of course you could do the entire sequence standing.

There are countless options.  Simply remember to breathe and move slowly and with intention.

Questions? Need some ideas?  Call us at Englewood Pilates Center for some assistance.


Caring for your busy self

Beach walking and hunting for shark’s teeth – which my family has dubbed “toothing” is a great way to spend time.    But occasionally I have found ankle stiffness, tight calves or hip pain after hours on the shoreline.

Englewood Pilates Center can offer some simple solutions, effective tools to assist you with taking care of yourself.

Foot and ankle health is key to lower body health and flexibility.  Set an appointment today for  the new client special.  Let’s take a look at what will help you feel and move better!

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How do you deal with inflammation?

Summer offers so many options to get outside and enjoy!  Hiking, biking, paddle boarding, swimming, kayaking, boating along with your usual Pilates sessions — keep us so busy during the long, sunny days.  It is such a great time of year.

Do you ever overdo?  Spend too long paddling around or that one extra set of beach volley ball?

Did you know that essential oils offer relief?  doTerra essential oils have chemical properties that offer immune boosting reactions within the body to assist with fighting inflammation.

Frankincense, melaleuca, eucalyptus, oregano, lavender, roman chamomile, myrrh, peppermint, wintergreen, juniper berry, helichrysum, cedarwood – and believe it or not even more all can improve your body’s response to swelling.

Bug bites?  Trying to keep those pesky insects away?  doTerra TerraShield is truly effective “shielding” you.  Roman chamomile, basil, lavender, lemongrass, lemon, peppermint and thyme and a blend called “purify” are all very handy weapons against these seasonal pests.  I seem to be like catnip to the littlest of biting insects – I am always blending a soothing response to my body’s hyper reaction of redness, itch and sting.

Questions?  I am happy to help.

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A Total Wellness Studio

Englewood Pilates Center is a boutique Pilates studio offering private sessions personalized to help you achieve and maintain optimal wellness. The studio tailors its programs to meet your individual needs. Whether you are recovering from an injury, seeking to increase strength, mobility, flexibility, improve your athletic performance, or simply looking for a fun, challenging exercise and wellness program, Englewood Pilates Center will help you to achieve your goals. Susan Hoffman is an experienced teacher with extensive training in Pilates, CoreAlign®,LifeStretch®,barre and doTerra Essential Oils. She is committed to using her knowledge and experience to help others.