Englewood Pilates Center in Englewood, Florida offers Pilates sessions as well  as Fascia Stretch Therapy® practice to address your individual needs and objectives.

Set it Free with FST®

Frederick Stretch therapy is a pain free method developed to address flexibility and mobility of the connective tissue in the body.  Treatment with this method was the first time I felt free from pain in years! While other methods focus on isolated muscle stretching which may be uncomfortable or painful with less than optimal results; FST… Continue reading Set it Free with FST®


Aching back? Knee pain? Hips stiff? Is it tough to bend over or get off the floor or out of a chair? Would you like to improve your flexibility, stamina and posture? At Englewood Pilates Center, our goal is to help you reach your optimum wellness. We partner with you to move your way into… Continue reading Pilates


LifeStretch is a unique program designed to relieve tension, tightness and discomfort in the body using a gentle approach to stretching the fascia (connective tissue) within the body.  This is NOT your standard, familiar stretch class! This is a functional  mobility and stretch technique which progresses through entire chains of neuro-myo-fascia rather than targeting isolated… Continue reading LifeStretch®