Aching back? Knee pain? Hips stiff?

Is it tough to bend over or get off the floor or out of a chair?

Would you like to improve your flexibility, stamina and posture?

At Englewood Pilates Center, our goal is to help you reach your optimum wellness. We partner with you to move your way into wellness.

Regular practice of Pilates counts core strength, stability, balance, spinal mobility, improved posture and increased body awareness among the many benefits. A regular Pilates practice benefits students of all ages, shapes, sizes and physical condition, from the ninety year old looking to regain past strength and mobility, the new mom seeking to rediscover her body, the forty-five year old suffering from back pain, the olympic athlete, the eighteen year old with scoliosis, or the twenty year old who wants a fun workout that will help maintain and improve physical fitness. Pilates is for everyBODY.

Pilates is an enjoyable but challenging method that, when taught by a knowledgeable teacher, will increase strength, flexibility and mobility and develop the body in a harmonious, balanced way, strengthening muscles that are weak and stretching those that are tight. True Pilates is not about a choreographed sequence set to blaring music within a large group with little to no correction of form. Nor should it be confused with yoga or relaxation. Pilates is taught in small groups or private sessions so that each student works according to their needs and condition. Susan Hoffman of Englewood Pilates Center in Englewood, Florida offers personalized experiences, the haute couture of wellness programs with her vast experience, knowledge and dedication.