Englewood Pilates Center in Englewood, Florida

I am not athletic. The last time I exercised was when headbands and matching legwarmers were in style. Can I practice Pilates?

Yes. Pilates is a method that is challenging, but it develops the body in a balanced manner, without harsh impact on joints or risks of overuse. If you have an injury or illness or other factor that would affect your ability to practice, discuss your concerns with your teacher, who will tailor your Pilates program to your needs.

I am very athletic. Pilates seems like it is just about stretching. Will I be bored?

Pilates is practiced by the greatest athletes in the world, international soccer stars, world class baseball,basketball and football players, volleyball players, olympians of many games, tennis champs, golfers! Joseph Pilates taught his method to boxers. Pilates is an excellent complement to any training regimen. Often, athletes suffer from overuse injuries or their sport develops their bodies in an imbalanced way. Pilates addresses these issues and will enable athletes to stay injury free and improve their performances and will also work up a good sweat.

I can barely touch my knees, much less my toes? Can I practice Pilates?

Pilates develops strength, mobility and flexibility. It is a method that develops the body in a balanced manner, strengthening what is weak and stretching what is inflexible. Excessive flexibility can be a handicap. Pilates is not a stretching regimen. But working the body in optimal alignment will help correct any imbalances you may have. Soon your difficulties tying your shoelaces or shaving your legs will be a thing of the past. You may just become coordinated to do both at the same time.

Is Pilates just for women?

Not at all. Not only was the inventor of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, a man, he taught his method to boxers. Take a look at a photo of Joe. Even in his eighties, he certainly did not have a feminine physique. As stated above, many world class athletes have realized the benefits that Pilates brings to their disciplines. Men are increasingly discovering that Pilates helps them stay healthy and fit and allows them to enjoy the activities they love, both outdoors and indoors 😉 😉 .

What should I wear?

No need to look like a supermodel unless you really want to or are in fact, a supermodel. Wear comfortable clothing, preferably not too baggy so that your teacher can correct you more easily. Do not wear anything that could damage the equipment. Keep in mind that you will not be running; you will often be supine, so men and women are advised not to wear shorts that are revealing because well, just because.

Should I eat before class?

You will want to eat a light meal a few hours before class so that you have energy. It is not advisable to eat a heavy meal that will induce sluggishness. Do not for example, stop at McDonalds for a supersize menu on the way. 🙂