Stretch: Do you or Don’t you?

Is stretching part of your normal routine?  Is it aches and pains that prompt you or more a lack of flexibility?

Stretching is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, flexible spine,  joints, muscles,  and your entire fascial network.

When you wake after 4, 6 or (hopefully) 8 hours of shut eye, you may feel tight and achy. This is due to lack of movement.  Consider waking that body by sitting on the edge of your bed and circling ankles first in one direction, followed by the other.  Roll through your foot, heel, ball, toe and reverse.  Sit tall and inhale deeply, as you exhale, rotate your torso first in one direction, then through center to the other.  Arch your spine bringing your heart to the sky, follow with deeply flexing the front of your body.  Continuing to sync your breath and movement; circle shoulders forward and back, (don’t forget the wrists and fingers!)  Circle shoulders forward and back, repeat the same motions with your arm extended.  Turn your head following your nose to one side then the other, repeat the motions with chin tilted up and down.  Finally, standing circle your hips to one side and the other.   Of course you could do the entire sequence standing.

There are countless options.  Simply remember to breathe and move slowly and with intention.

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