Set it Free with FST®

“I recently experienced Fascial Stretch with Susan of Englewood Pilates Center. What a positive difference it made! I am “of a certain age” where everything hurts and I find myself limping. No major problems or complaints, just not right. Susan worked magic! I felt so good after being stretched and I stood straighter and moved so much more easily!”
I love happy students!  Fascial Stretch Therapy® is simply amazing. Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend wild child or someone who prefers the couch and remote, FST improves how you feel.   The pain-free method, works with the connective tissue of the body. “FST improves mobility of your nerves and flexibility of your muscles and fascia.”  Methods you may be more familiar with focus on isolated stretching of muscles that may be uncomfortable or even painful; the results often don’t last.   Benefits of FST include:
Decreased pain caused by tension and stress
Increased flexibility, mobility and range of motion
Increased strength and power
Improved balance and coordination and posture
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